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Canada-vakanties.nl provides you with information about traveling through Western Canada.

We aim at anyone who prefers to be well informed and at ease touring Canada's beautiful countryside.

Not the mile-eater, but the one who has an eye for the nature through which he is passing, and who stops without hesitation after 5 or 10 km because there is another viewpoint that is more than worth the effort!

Who also stops after the third bear on the side of the road, because it always remains a great spectacle how such a bear imperturbably scrapes together its food along the side of the road.

On the following pages we offer you a number of routes that take you through the most beautiful areas of western Canada, passing as many of the highlights and viewpoints that we know as possible.

The YouTube button on the homepage gives you access to a short video with a global overview of the route as driven by us. At the end of that video, you can automatically click through to the next part of that video.

Of course we are open to additions if you have come across certain highlights on your journey through these areas that we have not touched on.

Take advantage of this information and if there is still something that is not clear, send an email via the “contact” link at the bottom of the page and you will receive an answer immediately.

Ria & Hans van Oss 

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